June 12, 2019

Why I write

Why I writeI write because once upon a time, I wanted to read certain types of books, but there weren’t enough of them out there. I would often find an author whose work I loved, only to find out that she only had one, or two books, the most. To me, that was so disappointing. I wanted more. If it’s good, then readers want more. I write because I love a good book. I also
How to get past feeling like you’re not moving, or things aren’t coming together.Do you ever want something different, or something more? Do you want it right away? Or have you felt as though you’ve been waiting entirely too long for what you want to come about? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then I assure you, you are not alone. I happened to be speaking with someone this morning about
Why are children’s books important?Hello, hello, Those of you who often read me know that as a writer of adult fiction, I feel that books are important. If you’ve read my bio, you know that I have successfully tutored middle school and high school students that others had given up on. Therefore, I will say again: I feel children’s books are of the utmost importance. Not only can they be educational, but books for the
Where does beauty begin?Where does beauty begin? Does it start in the genes, or in the womb? Does it begin in the home, as a ritual passed from a mother to a daughter? Or does beauty begin before a mirror, shared in a best friend’s room? Does beauty begin at a tattoo parlor, or in a college dorm? Or does it simply begin . . . in the eyes of the beholder? All of the