Fiction Too


Pop Music producer Joseph wants Abigail. 

However he wonders if they're doomed to keep going in circles. 

The truth is too many people are getting in the way. 

The main one is Abigail's ex! 

A twisting and turning love story involving family, friends and foes.

Unquestionably erotic.


The preacher speaks against sin - but does he have sins of his own? 

His wife seems okay, but then again, is something going on with her too? The preacher's kid, the girl,  is perfect, isn't she? 

And the son, 

they didn't want him this way, did they? 

The Tranquility Tales

Book 1


Lovely Aqua is with Dyson, who knows she wants marriage, 

yet he won't budge. 

She meets another man, 

with whom she jets off to a little-known island. 

There, strange things begin to happen. 

Someone or some thing appears to want her life. 

Can she trust the island Priestess, 

even as everything around Aqua falls to pieces?


Book One

April loves crafting the tales that will keep you turning page after page. 

Get one today, 

and find yourself immersed!