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Through her life stories, April Alisa Marquette conveys charm, wit, and drama. In captivating adult fiction, no one does realistic dialogue better.

A writer for twenty-plus years, it is her endeavor to craft sagas that offer unobstructed views into the lives of her characters.  Truly believing art mirrors life, she often says, ‘If it happens in real life, it happens in my books.’

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Books By April

A provocative, sexy, sometimes sad, and witty all night read about three women and Beau, their gay male roommate. The foursome call themselves Cohorts and believe their friendship is near perfect… until one of the women betrays Beau—by cavorting with his man! Then oh the drama!
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Progression (The Cohort Trilogy Book Two)
This is the continuing story of the Cohorts, three women and Beau, who was once their gay male roommate. Now everyone should be older and wiser. Now they deal with things they’d previously never expected. Amid the Cohort’s signature drama, Beau’s long lost mother—the woman who abused him as a child—has re-surfaced.
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In Iniquities, the beautiful buff gay male Beau is back…
In this, the closer, the third novel in The Cohort Trilogy, learn how Beauregard DeVeaux and the women in his life became forever friends. View all his sexy shadowy secrets… Take a peek into his closeted world; see his sexcapades, his…
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Sultry Aqua wants to get married. Her significant other wants to get laid. Yet he proposes—that she should fill in for his supper club’s absentee hostess. Thus Aqua meets the dashing Latin Noel who invites her to accompany him to several coastal isles. Despite dire warnings not to go, the sexy pair make the island-hopping trek, and strange things begin to happen…
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Improbable - The Cohorts, Generation Next - Book One
In Improbable, a story of love and coming of age, readers get to watch Gemma and Jeremy grow up and become a power couple. Undeniably riveting and sexy, readers will never see certain twists or turns coming…
She is a lingerie model, one that fuels the dreams of millions of men the world over. Second generation Hollywood, she becomes a successful actress and a chart-topping movie producer…
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Rebuke (The Tranquility Tales, Book One)
For decades he preached to many…and his life seemed an open book. Often he taught on salvation and sin, but…does he harbor secrets ~sins of his own?
She seemed the picture of perfection, the preacher’s wife. Yet it was often said, she wasn’t the perfect mate. Was something amiss?
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A deliciously exhilarating and frustrating love story involving friends, family, and foes…
Sexy, savvy Abigail takes care of everyone in her circle of family and friends. However, one night something happens. Distressed, she shows up at the home of ruggedly attractive, pop music producer, Joseph Forrester.
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Seedling (The Relinquish and Reap Series Book One)
Seedling is Jessica’s story. Once a small frightened girl…she garnered remarkable faith. This first account in her inspirational true-life series is thought-provoking and poignant.
Laugh or cry while re-living her youngest years. This, the first of six purse-sized books will feel as though a lovely friend has told you her irrepressible story…
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Sowing is the second account in the true-life inspirational Relinquish & Reap Series from the remarkable septuagenarian Jessica Janna. She is buoyant! As an adolescent and teenager, Jessica wound up far from home. Estranged from her mother, and from everything that had ever been familiar, sometimes she was tearful, afraid, and quite alone …
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Yielding - The Becoming Years
Jessica is now a young woman who finds herself in the big city. In this, the ‘becoming’ years, she becomes a New Yorker. She finds work. Again, she finds herself in ministry. She becomes a wife. She becomes a mother. However, things do not slow down. Instead she feels as though she is on a train, one that is gaining steam…
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Just a Smattering…

The Cohort Trilogy

Enter the lives of 3 women, and their buff, beautiful, gay male friend, Beau.

Perhaps you can  find out why one of the women betrays him . . . but beware. 

There will be  drama!

The Sea Isles Series

Visit a little-known island. Feel the tradewinds. Feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

Oh, but keep your eyes open. Something sinister is at play.

And um, you don’t want  to be the next victim!

Tranquility Tales

This suburban town is quaint and cute. Yet, there are undercurrents.

Are people not as happy as they seem?

Isn’t all well when the shades are pulled and the doors are closed?

About April

Not only is she the author of adult fiction, but native New Yorker, April Alisa Marquette is an editor. One who garnered her love for reading from her mother, a songwriter/recording artist.

While attending college, April enjoyed Creative Writing and Literature electives. This author whose books have been called ‘spicy’ worked on Wall Street and at Manhattan publishing houses.

Someone once called her a ‘collector of people’  but that is because April really cares about others. A playwright and motivational speaker, she successfully tutored middle and high school students. The very students that others had given up on. She has worked with non-profit organizations to empower women and teens to enter the job market. She even volunteered at her local library, and this prolific writer often shares tips with young people on the art of storytelling and writing. She enjoys conversations about  good books, even when those books are written by other authors.

Since family is most important to April, she offers readers the same: ‘friends and family members’ that they may not otherwise have.

While creating the novels that have been called powerfully erotic and emotionally-jolting, she keeps readers in mind. She doesn’t want them to only see words on a page. For them, she wants her work to come to life. Whether she’s penning fiction or non-fiction, April wants to make readers think.

Happily married, she doesn’t succumb to the notion that every story needs a happy ending. However, she will never leave readers in a dark place. She always wants there to be light at the end of the tunnel.

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